Hi 👋 , I'm Mahesh.

A UX Designer with business and creative experience 

Currently working @ HCL America in San Francisco.


With 5+ years of experience spanning advertising, financial services, and tech,

I bring a 360 approach to customer experience and design.


I can contribute to areas of user research, content strategy, and visual design

My core skill set lies in deep diving into research,  by conducting detailed interviews gathering insights and utilizing my copy skills for detailed storytelling. 




Healthcare, travel, and fintech.
However, I'm not limited by these choices.

An interesting project or opportunity is always welcome. 


Behind every designer is a story. Mine is pretty good. I'll share it if we get a chance to talk.

Until then, here's a chance to learn something about me. The person behind the pixels. 

I'm thrilled that you're here. If you want to learn more

about me and my eventful journey. 

Please do reach out. 

As always just an email away-hello@ixdmk.com

You need more than a pixel pusher

What I offer is beyond the pixels:- 


A business mindset 

Someone who can look at spreadsheets with clarity 

Someone who can defend design decisions

Someone who can provide strategic foresight for product service outcomes