The work

I went to design school and got a masters degree. With it came the opportunity to do some good work. Thereafter working with a client gave me the chance to do some more work.  Good (hireable) stuff here. Check it out.

1.Healthcare design-Search

I created a search feature for a healthcare client which would easily help a provider

find data related to the benefits of an individual. The search function was 

necessary as there are several categories and it's possible that certain data

may reside in more than one category

Protected work/ Client work /Consulting /Shipped


California needs affordable housing, and the Bay area in particular needs it urgently.

While there is a viable solution to the problem, it isn’t feasible if it’s unable to deliver an optimum experience. This project aims to address some of the concerns regarding accessibility and usability in the space of affordable housing. 

Client work/ Consulting


The pandemic has changed several behaviors. Amongst those is the way we travel. The case study aims to understand travelers’ and hotel staff’s actions and interactions with a futuristic hotel ecosystem. 

Self initiated/ Mobile app

3.The crucible

A community center and maker space based in Oakland California is seeing mass gentrification in their neighborhood. To understand the happenings and what their street in years to come, they tasked us with finding visualizing the data of demographic and development changes.

Client work/ Consulting/ Data Visualization/ Game design

I'm confident that my work will provide ample evidence

to showcase my suitability for your project/team

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