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1. Locomotive maintainence- Feature

I worked for a significant US-based freight and logistics company. We built applications for locomotive maintenance. Here’s one of the features that I helped design and build that helps senior supervisors and shop planners do their jobs more efficiently.

Is this YOU?

Lost in an orbit of endless portfolios? 

Fending of junior designers passing off as seniors?


Well..let's hope your search for a product designer ends here.

I'm Mahesh a designer and HCI enthusiast. I have experience working on enterprise SAAS. This includes desktop and mobile applications. 


Currently a Senior Interaction Designer at HCLTech. 

Based in Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦

Here's something about me..

With a rich and diverse background in design, I bring a wide range of valuable skills to the table. My journey began in advertising, transitioned into product marketing, and now focuses on UX design. Esteemed companies such as Digitas, Leo Burnett, HCLTech, Kaiser Permanente, and Norfolk Southern have been part of my professional path.

I've thrived as a strategic-level UX designer, focusing on user outcomes, change management, and training. Additionally, I've excelled as a visual designer, creating detailed design systems and specifications. Both aspects are crucial and complement each other perfectly.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a focus on business administration and accounting, as well as a Master's degree in Design with a specialization in Interaction Design (HCI).

I'm excited about the possibility of collaborating together!

4. Healthcare search-Feature

I created a search feature for a healthcare client which would quickly help a provider find data related to the benefits of an individual. The search function was necessary as there are several categories, and it's possible that specific data may reside in more than one category.

2. Locomotive maintainence-Research

A part of my responsibilities was also to work on the discovery process. It involved conducting in-depth UX Research to understand the pain points of users and existing applications. As a result I created assets such as Journey maps and personas which gave great insight to the planning and product increment activities ahead.

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Toronto, Ontario

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3. Locomotive maintainence-Design systems

Creating a suite of applications with various functionalities that work for designers, developers, and product owners can be challenging. However, creating a design system can help maintain consistency and enable scalability. I helped achieve the same by creating the following design system.

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