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As a designer, I come with varied experience and bring valuable skill sets. I started my advertising career, pivoting to product marketing and now UX design. I have been associated with several reputed companies, namely Digitas, Leo Burnett, HCLTech, Kaiser Permanente, and Norfolk Southern.

I have worked as a strategic level UX architect focussed on user outcomes, change management, and training, and as a visual designer, where I created detailed design systems and specs. Both are important, and one doesn’t take precedence over the other.


Finally, I have a Bachelor's degree in commerce with business administration and accounting and a Master's degree in design focussed in Interaction Design (HCI).

Let’s work together!

I'm thrilled you're here.


If you want to learn more about me and my eventful journey please do reach out.


1. Healthcare search

I created a search feature for a healthcare client which would quickly help a provider find data related to the benefits of an individual. The search function was necessary as there are several categories, and it's possible that specific data may reside in more than one category.

2. Soup-Website and product design

California needs affordable housing, and the Bay area urgently needs it. While there is a viable solution to the problem, it isn’t feasible if it’s unable to deliver an optimum experience.

This project aims to address some of the concerns regarding accessibility and usability in the space of affordable housing. 

3. InnPlus

The pandemic has changed several behaviors. Amongst those is the way we travel. The case study aims to understand travelers’ and hotel staff’s actions and interactions with a futuristic hotel ecosystem. 

4. The crucible

A community center and maker space based in Oakland, California, is seeing mass gentrification in its neighborhood. To understand the happenings and their street in years to come, they tasked us with finding and visualizing the data of demographic and development changes.

I'm Mahesh 👋

A UX Designer with business experience. 

I am looking for roles in design or product management.

5. Prequel-Marketing and more

Before formally diving into UX, I worked in advertising and marketing. I was a copywriter and product marketing manager. My work involved breaking down complex technical terms into simple language, working on ad campaigns,

making commercials, SEO work, and more. 

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