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Hi, I'm Mahesh.

A UX Designer and a Copywriter. 

Currently working @ Kaiser Permanente (via HCL America) in San Francisco.


With 5+ years of experience spanning advertising, financial services, and tech,

I bring a 360 approach to customer experience and design.


I can contribute in areas of user research, content strategy, and visual design

My core skill set lies in deep diving into research,  by conducting detailed interviews gathering insights, and utilizing my copy skills for detailed storytelling. 



Healthcare, travel, and fintech.
However, I'm not limited by these choices.

An interesting project or opportunity is always welcome. 


Design case studies


Experience Design || Mobile app || Dashboard
Solo project: 3 months

The pandemic has changed several behaviors. Amongst those is the way we travel. The case study aims to understand travelers’ and hotel staff’s actions and interactions with a futuristic hotel ecosystem. 

Transparent InnPlus Thumbnail.png


Product design || Website || Financial calculator
Team project: 1 year

California needs affordable housing, and the Bay area in particular needs it urgently.

While there is a viable solution to the problem, it isn’t feasible if it’s unable to deliver an optimum experience. This project aims to address some of the concerns regarding accessibility and usability in the space of affordable housing. 

SOUP image.png

The Crucible

Data Visualization  || UX Research
Team project: 3 months

A community center and maker space based in Oakland California is seeing mass gentrification in their neighborhood. To understand the happenings and what their street in years to come, they tasked us with finding visualizing the data of demographic and development changes.

Crucible image.png

My skillset includes delivering on every design front with the nuance to justify every decision.

It also involves being hands-on with tools and strategic to consider long-term business decisions. 


Over the years, I have been involved with several design projects. The experience will come in handy for your team/ project.


Do you need a UX Designer? Content Strategist? Researcher? Or all three? I can help. 

Get in touch to chat, drop me a line: hello@ixdmk.com.


Don't worry. I always respond to every email.