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Copywriting work


Keyboard and Mouse


I was a brand manager and a copywriter before venturing into interaction design.

Content, product strategy, brand strategy, and crafting micro-copy are some of the several skills I can utilize in my design thinking approach. Check out some of my work below. 


In 2015,  I worked with the advertising agency Digitas. 

Focussed on digital advertising campaigns, I worked on creating a series of emailers to promote the new digital products of two noteworthy clients. I wrote the copy and assisted with the art direction of the same. 

HDFC Home Loans

A market leader in mortgages, the company wished to promote its products HDFC Red and HDFC Realty which would provide personalized information for buying a home and the mortgage options. The company also wanted to announce it’s newly launched blog and the benefits of choosing HDFC as a mortgage provider. 


While all the emailers didn’t make the final cut for the campaign, the work tested my abilities to use different headlines and collaborate with my art partner to create the relevant messaging.

Tata Cliq

The legendary Tata Group launched a new e-commerce platform; they wanted to conduct a soft-launch for other group companies across the various offices to launch this platform. 


The campaign wanted to communicate the launch, the trust factor, and the shopping options using technology such as QR code scan and Augmented Reality.

Films I've written


As part of a mortgage company, we often come across customers who go absconding after missing a few payments. To address this issue we created the campaign of Samadhan (Hindi: solution) where we would reach out to those customers and encourage them to re-engage with us. I lead this campaign by writing this film, working with the animators, and getting it translated. 

Campaign success: 40% of absconding customers re-engaging with the organization.  

Skills: Branding || Creative Direction || Copywriting || Project Management 

Memories for life

‘Memories for life’ is a product offering by HDFC Life, a significant player in India’s life insurance sector. The idea is that insurance customers can leave behind video messages for their loved ones and choose the time and date of delivery. 


To promote this product, they tied up with a major league cricket franchise. I conceptualized and wrote a series of films where franchise players would banter their favorite on-field memories and tie them back to the main product. 


Conceptualizing this film required a deep knowledge of the product, and the sport, and the player stats. I was able to combine my understanding of all three to create an effective engagement campaign. 


Memories for life was shortlisted for a Cannes in 2016. 

Skills: Creative Direction || Copywriting || Product Strategy

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