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Locomotive maintainence-Design systems

  • Since I was involved with creating a suite of applications and features for locomotive manaitainence. It only made sense to create a robust design system that would help in quickly building the same

  • In this situation, I worked solo to unify the elements from the different applications and create a type of pattern library

  • An important part of the endeavor was to create components in the form of data sets and tables as ours is a data intensive product and needed a clean interface for showcasing the same

  • Also, this project solely exists on this portfolio/website to prove that I know how to create design systems

  • Apparently creating an interface isn't enough evidence. 

Artifacts below

1) Colors

2) Data-sets

3) Tables 

4) Fonts

5) Modals (below) and components (right)

Conculsion and feedback

  • The design system and pattern library was useful in creating and scaling interfaces quickly

  • The application has several more complicated features and the design system was handy in creating the same

  • The design system was appreciated by the design manager and the other designers on the team

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