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I worked on a regional portal for a major healthcare company. The portal is a native web app that helps providers search for patient data. During my time there, I had to create a search function where providers could search for patient data

Working as a UX designer and IT consultant for a major healthcare company, I delivered on three major fronts:


1) I had to come up create a new search feature where providers could search for patient data 


2) Apart from this, I also worked on creating a design system for the product as the existing one had issues with scalability

3) Additionally, I even worked on projects that needed to be developed for complex data and information architecture-related scenarios


For the purpose of this case study I will be talking about the first situation-Data search

You should know that most of the work is protected by NDA clauses. However, I did do my best to showcase the work done to give you as a recruiter/hiring manager the chance to see the scope of work and the output. 


Search image

Data search intro:

How does a provider search for healthcare data?


The designer's answer- it depends 😠 


But it's the right answer

It depends on the provider and on the data

In this scenario, a provider searches for patient data under detailed benefits.


The patient has benefits, but for the provider information architecture.


The detailed benefits section has several categories. 

The design

When the section expands, it showcases the list of entire benefits.

Since there are 100s of categories only 20 will be displayed at a given time with the option to expand the viewing with the see more see all buttons.

The search bar will the primary source of sourcing relevant information.


Three characters will trigger the search

Clicking the See More button adds more options to the page.

Clicking it again adds a scroll bar that gets thinner with more options

Adding a colored circle for search result nested in individual category

Keyword highlighted by the color (same as the circle color) in the relevant category.

No match found

The flow- Search and select

Did you love the work that I did for my client?

Do you also have a complicated meaty problem to tackle?

Please do reach out. 

As always just an email


Me-Product Designer-HCL 


Product Manager-Client- Healthcare company


Project Manager-HCL Technologies. 

Development-Offshore team-HCL Technologies

Initial dilemma 

We began discussing ways to create this function in the most effective way. 


I proposed 2 alternatives :-

1) Creating a static search that enabled typing of  keywords hitting enter and triggering a search

2) Creating a dynamic search that would trigger a series of responses when 3 or more characters are entered 

After assessing both options, the team decided to pursue the latter. 


Due to the detailed content requirements, the current working process of designer-to-developer handoff is via pdf pages. 

To enable quick build, I provided detailed specs with property and CSS data. 

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