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Healthcare feature

  • I worked on a regional portal for a major healthcare company

  • The portal is a native web app that helps providers search for patient data

  • During my time there, I created a search function where providers could quickly and easily search for patient data

  • This was a regional portal for the Pacific Northwest region (Oregon and Washington)


How might we create a feature for healthcare data search that's fast and easy to find? 

  1. This was done for one the largest healthcare providers in North America

  2. The users of this application were physicians and overall healthcare administrators 

  3. This was a regional portal for the Pacific Northwest region (Oregon and Washington)

Solution and the artifacts below

  • In this scenario, a provider searches for patient data under detailed benefits

  • The patient has benefits, but for the provider information architecture

  • The detailed benefits section has several categories

1) Intro

  • When the section expands, it showcases the list of entire benefits.

  • Since there are 100s of categories only 20 will be displayed at a given time with the option to expand the viewing with the see more see all buttons

  • The search bar will the primary source of sourcing relevant information

  • Three characters will trigger the search

  • Clicking the See More button adds more options to the page

2) Search bar

Conculsion and feedback

  • The feature was approved built and deployed 

  • The idea of adding colored circles to indicate the presence of keywords nested in different data sets was widely appreciated 

  • ​The quick turn around and detailed explanations and justifications of data were appreciated

  • Clicking 'See More' again adds a scroll bar that gets thinner with more options

3) Scroll

  • Adding a colored circle to indicate the search result (keyword match) which is nested in each individual category

4) Colored circle

  • Keyword highlighted by the color (same as the circle color) in the relevant category

5) Highlight

  • In this case it is similar to the default screen with the 'no match found' wording present

3) No match found

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